ACOTAR Novella #1 announcement!!

What me and my friends felt like when we heard the amazing news that there is a new ACOTAR book coming that is narrated by Feyre and Rhysand:

When the last book in the series ended, and we all thought that we would never see a Feyre and Rhysand book ever again. I felt like the ending was rushed. I felt like it could have been soooo much better if we it was just 20pages longer. It just didn’t feel like an ending to me.
According to her instagram post, it will form a bridge between the original novels and the upcoming spin-offs.

The announcement wasn’t all happy. Because of her father’s health, he had a major heart attack, the last book in the TOG series will not be published until the fall of 2018. First I want to say that I fully understand the delay and that I hope her father will have a fast and full recovery. She obviously has other priorities now and I don’t want to sound like I don’t understand. But still… After the ending of Empire of Storms it has been TORTURE. I JUST REALLY NEED TO KNOW WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN NEXT!!!
To be honest, I don’t care what happened to Chaol after he left the group at the end of Queen of Shadows. For me he just was complaining all the time and slowing everything and everyone down.
Of course, if you’ve read all the other books of Sarah J Maas you know that everything can chance between two novels. So I keep my hopes up for September 5th, maybe I’ll love this book!

Tell me what you think!