I can’t believe that it’s already been three years since I started my blog! Times goes so fast if you’re having fun I guess and my blog has been a LOT of fun this year! To celebrate this I’m just going to recap my entire year! I’m maybe going to go a little bit more personal for this one and not talk about books for once!


  • Most popular post:  Books I’m Looking Forward To in the Second Half of 2018!!
  • Most read review: Educated: A Memoir – Tara Westover
  • I’ve had 7000+ visitors in my first year of blogging, which I’m pretty proud of to be honest ??. Most of them are from the United States and the UK only 250 of those views came from Belgium (that’s where I live). Thank you so much precious readers!
  • I’ve almost 400 WordPress followers, but I have almost 1300 followers in total!


I’m so happy I maintained blogging for a whole year!! That’s such a great thing. I was a bit “scared” that I would not love it as much after a few months as I loved it in the beginning, but I still love it as much (or even more) as last year!

The biggest thing is that I’m almost an engineer!! I only need to do two more exams in September and then I’ll (hopefully) be an engineer!!


This year was one of the toughest yet. That was partly my own fault, because I just made it to hard on myself. I did music practice for 6 hours a week. I was also on the leading team of the sorority I’m in (it works different in Belgium than in America, but I think the concept is mainly the same). I needed to combine this with being a master student, and I needed to finish my dissertation this year. It was a wild ride and it was definitely too hard. I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining, I just wanted to be honest and not only show the positive things that happened this year!




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Hopefully by the end of September I will have my engineering degree! I don’t know how it works in other countries but in Belgium you need to do 1 extra year after your masters year to become a teacher. I’m going to do that next year, and hopefully at the start of the following school year I’ll be a science teacher!

For the blog I’m just as exited as I was last year, in my second year I hope I’m going to keep on loving reading and writing. I have some great ideas for new posts that I really want to do.



I’m doing my first ever giveaway to celebrate my 1 year anniversary. I’m giving away one book (costing less than 10 euro) by choice.

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I really hope everyone has the greatest day and enjoyed my post! Don’t forget to enter my giveaway! And let me know what you like most about having a blog in the comments!


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