Life update!

I haven’t been on this blog as much as I wanted to be the last few weeks. The first week I was in Italy with my boyfriend and his family and I hadn’t much time to read books or write new posts! But I had a great time and it was over way too soon.

The week after that was my last week before school started again. I just needed to relax and crash and sleep, because I was totally exhausted! I had planned to do a lot of things, but I was way too tired to get anything done. In the end I’m glad I took a break, I’m 100% rested and ready to take over the world!

Last week school started again for me. It’s my last year (if I don’t decide to take up some extra classes next year). I need to write my thesis and it completly freaks me out! I don’t feel like I’m ready for this at all. But my promoter is so enthusiastic and positive, he’s a blessing for me, without him I would have had 2 mental breakdowns already.

I’m always happy when school starts again. 3 months of vacation is way to much for me so I end up working 2+ months and after that sleeping for the last 2 weeks before school starts again. Now everything can go back to normal, and I can start reading books and posting reviews again.

extra lifish stuff: I also gained a lot of weights over the summer (aaah the good life) but I want to loose it again (so I can stuff my face on my next vacation in February without feeling too guilty of course). So I’m eating more healthy and started exercising more regularly again, and I feel much better already!

Book updates!!

Fall brought a gigantic amount of new books I’ve been looking forward to for a looong time. Sarah J. Maas and Leigh Bardugo and so many other great authors made us all happy with there new work. So my TBR list got longer once more! Currently I’m reading A Gentlemen’s Guide to Vice and Virtue. This book was everywhere on my Goodreads feed. For a long time I ignored this one because I thought it wasn’t something for me. I was so wrong! I’m halfway through and I’m completely in love with this book! I will definitely write a review about this one when I’ve finished it.

I’ve currently 4 books on my Netgalley shelves that I still have to read, so i don’t think I will be requesting any new ones for the next few weeks.
One of those books scares me a little, I think it’s not something for me, but I will try it anyway! Sometimes I truly don’t understand my Netgalley choices from the past!

I hope you all had an amazing summer and will have an equally (or better) fall! πŸ™‚



  • Italy sounds amazing. I would love to go there some day. It sounds like you had a pretty awesome summer. It was definitely better than mine. I babysat and took three college classes over the summer. But hey! That’s okay because I am now in my last college class before graduation and I’m doing pretty good, so I won’t complain. Glad you had a good summer!

    • ThePrintedGirl

      I live in Belgium, so Italy is only a long car drive away for me. But Italy indeed is an amazing country, I hope you get the chance of visiting it some day!
      I’m also in my last year! Good luck with your last college class! πŸ™‚

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