Recommended Books

Welcome to my recommendations page!

The meaning of this page is to shine a bit more light on (mostly) new Young Adult books that I think deserve more attention. I’m not going to put any obvious books on her by huge authors (like Laini Taylor and Sarah J. Maas) but you can always ask me for more recs if you want!

I try to update this page every few months to keep it interesting! The version below is the one from March 2018, if you read this and it’s been ages since I updated it, feel free to give me a virtual slap!

Happy reading!

The Wren Hunt – Mary Watson

This book is not something I read before and I loved it. It has many magical realism elements but still has such a romantic feel to it that it doesn’t completely fit that genre. It’s about two groups of people who can both do magic, the Augurs and Judges, and they are rivals (exiting, isn’t it?). This obviously also gives it some sort of Romeo and Julia vibe. Wren needs to save her own Augur family by infiltrating a big group of Judges and this leads to a whole lot of problems.

Why you should read this book:

It’s a bit like The Raven cycle series and is a must read for everyone who loved that series. It had some really nice plot twists that made this book a very interesting read.

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Pretty Dead Girls – Monica Murphy

This book is about a serial killer who is killing off the most popular girls in the school one by one. I love it because the mystery aspect in the book is actually not the most important part in the book, I love a good mystery but they can easily bore me and that was certainly not the case here. The other thing I like about it is that almost every character is a b*tch and no one is even trying to pretend to be nice. It’s a really refreshing and fast read.

Why you should read this book:

It’s a refreshing and funny book. I especially liked it because I finished high school 6 years ago now and it’s so funny to remember the mean girl now. It’s funny now to think of all the little problems that could ruin your entire day back then.

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Phoenix Fire (Phoenix Cycle #1) – S.D. Grimm

A great book with a unique and greatly executed concept. It’s about monster fighting super humans called “Phoenixes” who come back as children every time they die. The catch: they only start to remember there previous lives when they are teenagers. All the flashbacks and incomplete memories made this book so fast paced and complicated. But, never too complicated, it always stayed really easy to comprehend what was going on.
I have to admit that I had some minor issues with this book concerning the writing style, so if you easily get bothered by that kind of things, this might not be the one for you. But, to be honest, I get easily bothered by that and it wasn’t too bad.

Why you should read this book:

If you like the tv series Super Natural, this book might be the one for you.

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A Street Cat Named Bob – James Bowen

This is actually not a new book at all. I just wanted to include something different that is definitely worth reading. It’s a non-fiction book about a homeless man, James Bowen, with a drug adiction who’s having problems turning his life around. Bob, a street cat really gives him a new reason to live. It sounds really cheesy, but it’s not.

Why you should read this book:

It’s the perfect book for people who maybe don’t really like non-fiction but want to read something different for a chance. Of course it’s also a good book for people who do like to read non-fiction! Definitely a must read and one of my favourite books out there!

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