Review Policy

If you are a publisher or writer who is interested in sending me ARCs; thank you for considering me for reviewing your new book and reading this page before sending a request to me!

I truly like reading ARCs and reviewing them on my social media. I hope I can help in getting your book known to a larger audience.

The kind of books I prefer to read:

I only review Young Adult books or adult books that are suitable for a young adult audience. I won’t review books that have too many explicit scenes in it.

Genres I love to read and will review:

  • Young Adult: this is the genre I review the most on my channel because of this I will not review books that are completely inappropriate for a YA audience (erotica and to much violence)
  • Fantasy
  • Romance: Only romance books that are appropriate for a YA audience will be reviewed

Books I will not review:

  • Books that are completely filled with action (like James Bond).
  • Erotic novels (I’m trying to keep this blog YA friendly).
  • Zombies (I’m really afraid of zombies).
  • Adult books that are not suited for a young adult audience.

What to expect from me:

I review every book I finish (if it is in line with my policy). But if I start a book and notice it just isn’t for me or if it doesn’t work out for me I will not write a review. I do write reviews for books I didn’t like, but I will never hate on a book. I will always try to find something I liked in the book and give decent feedback on why I didn’t like certain things. I will post my reviews to this blog and also to my goodreads , Twitter and  Tumblr accounts. Pictures of books will also be posted on my Instagram account, Examples of my pictures can be found here.

You can contact me through this blog or send an e-mail to theprintedgirl(at)gmail(dot)com . Please send me as much information about your book as possible, so I can easily decide if I’m interested in reviewing your book or not.

Thank you!

The Printed Girl (Lena)

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