Book Review: Blood Will Out

2 stars

Title: Blood will out
Author: Jo Treggiari
Publisher: Pengiun Teen
Release date: June 5th 2018
Genre: Young Adult Mysetry


Ari Sullivan is alive—for now.

She wakes at the bottom of a cistern, confused, injured and alone, with only the shadowy recollection of a low-pitched voice and a gloved hand. No one can hear her screams. And the person who put her there is coming back. The killer is planning a gruesome masterpiece, a fairytale tableau of innocence and blood, meticulously designed.

Until now, Ari was happy to spend her days pining for handsome, recent-arrival Stroud Bellows, fantasizing about their two-point-four-kids-future together. Safe in her small hometown of Dempsey Hollow. But now her community has turned very dangerous—and Ari may not be the only intended victim.


Okay, I have to admit, mystery isn’t my favourite genre in the world. But, I have read many mysteries that I really liked. This book, sadly, wasn’t one of them. It was written like a YA book, but the content was too mature at times to be a YA book. It also has to be said that, for a book published in 2018, it wasn’t a very good example on how to bring mental health problems into a book. It wasn’t the worst mental health representation I’ve ever read, but it was far from the best. So, don’t read this if you get easily upset by books that go lightly over subjects like that.

I skimmed the reviews of many people who didn’t like this book before hand, so I noticed there were a lot of people who didn’t like this book. I didn’t really read why they didn’t like it, because I wanted to give the book an honest chance. Honestly, the first half of the book actually wasn’t that bad. I even thought I was an exception in this case who liked a book many others didn’t like (that would definitely be a first for me). At times it really was a thriller and it was quite unique. But the second part was just so much worse and now I understand what all the others were talking about.

It’s just not scary, it’s very predictable and overall not that interesting. There were two kinds of chapters in this book. First you had the chapters narrated by Ari, they were boring and by the end I was skimming them quite often. On the other hand there were the chapters that were narrated by the killer and they were just plain weird and nasty.

I don’t get Ari at all (or any of the other characters for that matter). In the first half of the book she still reacts kind of normal. She’s scared has hell (who wouldn’t be if they got kidnapped) and she’s only focused on getting away and staying alive. Like I said, quite normal and interesting to read. But in the second half she goes all bonkers. She does things that make no sense and everybody reacts to her in the strangest ways. I don’t know any human being who would react like that. So, the story didn’t feel real and that made the story really boring.

I think at times it was a bit too graphic for a YA novel, and I’m not someone who easily complains about that type of things. I think children don’t need to be too protected and that they can handle more than some adults give them credit for, but this was just unnecessary. There are many animals being murdered in detail and I was okay with it the first time, because at that time it was only a short scene and a one time event, but the fifth time I was beginning to question how appropriate it still was for a YA novel.

I’m actually quiet surprised to see a big publisher like Penguin Teen, bring out a book like this. Normally they have quite high standards and this really shouldn’t have made their standard.

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