Book Review: How to Write a Love Story – Katy Cannon

4 stars

Title: How to Write a Love Story
Author: Katy Cannon
Publisher: Stripes Publishing
Release date: May 3rd 2018
Genre: Young Adult Contemporary


Tilly Frost has grown up reading her grandmother’s bestselling romance novels – so when the one and only Beatrix Frost is taken ill, Tilly finishes writing her latest work. Then Tilly agrees to start the next book. But what is her gran hiding from her? And how can Tilly write a heart-pounding romance when she’s never been in love? Can she turn her school crush into something more? One thing Tilly should know is that the course of true love never did run smooth…

If you liked FANGIRL, you’ll love this!


To be honest with you guys, when I started this book I had some serious doubts. To comment on the last line of the summary, I never read Fangirl and I don’t plan on reading it ever to be honest (maybe I should, who knows). So I was quite surprised by how big of a fan I became by the end of this book. It’s a fast read and although it didn’t blew me of my socks, it still was a really good book.


This book really has a  really great story line

This book actually is about so much more than just dating and writing books. It was about friendship and family and I love a good book with many aspects. I also liked all the complex relationships that were portrayed so beautifully in this book. It’s quite funny to read a book that is about writing a book but it was definitely a great idea. One thing that can often make me quite sad while reading a book is when I notice that the author had a great idea but didn’t take the time to execute it well. I’m happy that I can say that that wasn’t the case with this book happy dancing.


It was a long time ago that I came across a book that had so many unique characters
For real. Every character in this book had their own story. They weren’t just background noise but all had an important role to play. If I had only finished this book a little bit earlier, I would have certainly included it in my Top Ten Tuesday post: Side characters that made books better this book would have been one of my first picks for that list!

Tilly’s best friends(Anja and Rohan), the new guy (Zach) and the strange boy in the library(Drew) were the most important side characters that weren’t part of her family. Out of them, I definitely liked Drew the most. I don’t really know but I liked hes grumpiness from the very beginning.


I’m an overall big big fan of Tilly’s family, but her gran really stole the show for sure. They had everything I need to love a good book family. Two loving parents who love there daughter (and each other) to pieces but are also completely crazy. Insane toddler twin brothers who’s only goal in life is making their teenage sister’s life a living hell most of the time. And an amazing grandmother who is such an awesome mater famillias. If you hadn’t noticed yet, the grandmother really made this book a winner for me. 
I’m TOTALLY fangirling over Tilly’s grandmother!


One little point of critique though. The story was quite predictable and that made the book a little bit less good at some points. It wasn’t hard to figure out what would happen most of the time, but, the author still surprised me some times so I guess I shouldn’t be complaining!

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