Book Review: Missing (Lyn Kramer Mystery, #1) – Ann Jones

3 stars

Title: Missing
Author: Ann Jones
Publisher: Instafreebie
Publication date: July 8th 2017
Genre: Mystery


Victim? Runaway? Or Criminal?
Detective Lyn Kramer is busy training Jud Hughes, a new detective on the force, when Gary Farnsworth shows up to report his wife missing. As the interview progresses, Lyn realizes the missing woman is none other than her own twin sister, Melissa. Lyn and Melissa have not seen each other since their parents died twenty-five years ago, when the girls were split up to live with two sets of warring grandparents. Lyn and Jud find mutual respect and a growing camaraderie as the investigation into Melissa’s disappearance deepens. Tensions reach a peak when the two detectives discover a trail of crimes linked to the missing woman’s family. Will Melissa be found? And if so, will Lyn have it in her to put her twin sister behind bars?


Let me begin by saying this is a very short read. It’s also very fast paced and there’s a lot going on! But this fast style went well with the overall story. It’s just an uncomplicated read that you will definitely enjoy if you like your mysteries short and action filled.

I loved the fact that there also was a bit of romance going on. I can imagine some people would find this a bit too much. But I actually liked that there was so much going on at the same time. It made it even more fast paced

Sometimes it could have used some more details and explanations as to why certain things were happening. When Lyn and her partner questioned people about the woman who disappeared it felt like they only asked 2 questions and were on their way again. It felt a bit messy, as if they weren’t really caring for the woman to be found. We also didn’t get a huge amount of answers about the childhood situations that the two girls where in. But I think there will be other books in this series, so I’m guessing more answers will be given in the next books.

If you write a book that’s really small obviously you need to cut in some parts. It was completely filled with action and because of that sometimes the details or emotions where a bit lost. I’m the kind of person that gets easily frustrated with missing details and I’m glad that I can say it didn’t really bother me so much in this book than it would have in most other books. It’s written really well and because it goes so fast you don’t really have “time” to look for more.

The characters weren’t incredible, they weren’t bad. But I feel like they were a bit standard. They didn’t have much depth, but they weren’t badly written either. It wouldn’t be bad if there was a little bit more development in the next books.

I’m looking forward to seeing where this series will go to in the next books!



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