Book Review: Olympian Challenger (Olympian Challenger #1) – Astrid Arditi

4 stars

Title: Olympian Challenger
Author: Astrid Arditi
Publisher: Astrid Arditi
Release date: July 3rd 2018
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy



A hero’s tournament. A defiant contender. Does one girl have the courage to take on Mount Olympus?

Hope’s world doesn’t have room for heroes. She barely has time for schoolwork, swim team, and taking care of her ailing mother. But when she’s invited to a mysterious tournament, the all-powerful hosts won’t take no for an answer.

Transported to Mount Olympus, Hope comes face to face with her new trainers—the pantheon of Greek gods. While other contenders train hard to gain a fighting edge, Hope searches for a way out. Instead, she finds a gorgeous shadow god who may just convince her to stay…

As each round unfolds, the ultimate prize draws closer—the granting of her heart’s deepest desire. If she survives the final challenge, her mother’s cure would be within reach…but only if Hope can ignore the tournament’s dark purpose.

Olympian Challenger is the first book in a bold YA urban fantasy trilogy. If you like Greek mythology, forbidden romance, and feats of courage, then you’ll love Astrid Arditi’s heroic coming-of-age tale.



The Gods have a plan for Hope, she has to compete in a competition to become the next Olympian hero. But, Hope doesn’t have time for there evil plans, thank you very much.

It’s filled with romance and action, and although I wasn’t a fan of the love story, the book really interests me. It was a fast read and was never boring.

A thing that did annoy me were the over the top emotions.

Everything was so extreme and blown up. If characters hated each other, they wanted to kill each other and eat them alive! If they suddenly decided they loved each other, they were starstruck lovers and not even the Gods (literally) could tear their love apart!

The Gods were awesome!

I loved loved loved the portraying of the Gods. Evil deities who only care about themselves and which person they should concur next with there dashing looks. They were like; “We’re bored, don’t we have some human children to spare for some entertainment?”

The love story? Not a fan!

Every time it got a bit romantic the rating in my head dropped a full star.

  • Me while reading not romantic parts: I like this!! 4 stars at least!!
  • Me while reading romantic parts: ugh, someone give them a room, 3 stars at most!romantic lady and the tramp GIF

It was just unnecessary to me (and I normally like romantic books, so that wasn’t the problem). We were reminded quite often that the sexy God we hear about in the summary is literally 2000(!!) years old. The guy also acted like a 14 year old, which didn’t help his case.

Give me more of those side characters, please!

The best thing about this book were the side characters, Amy and Gabriel were freaking amazing. A bit extreme to be 100% realistic but if I had a personal cheerleading squad, they would be both in it.

days went by at the speed of the sounds, zoooof!

Everything happened so quickly!!! A lot of the times, a big part of the emotional/relationship development happened at night (starry skies have a big effect on those teens). But everything was just recaptured in a few sentences the next morning!! WE NEED MORE DETAILS. Some parts could have used some extra sentences. You can’t just go from crying at night to bad ass fighting without at least a few sentences of transition. It got a bit confusing at some points to say the least.

After that ending, I have so many expectations for the next book!

The ending was the best part of the book, the next book is going to be awesome and, I hope, even better than the first part. I can’t wait for book two to come out!! It’s going to be a loooooong wait.


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