Book Review: Traitor Born (Secondborn #2) – Amy A. Bartol

3 stars

Title: Traitor Born
Author: Amy A. Bartol
Publisher: 47North
Release date: April 17th 2018
Genre: YA Sci-fi


Rebel warrior Roselle St. Sismode returns in the second book of the epic Secondborn series by USA Today bestselling author Amy A. Bartol.

In the Fates Republic…
Firstborns reign supreme.
Secondborns kneel in servitude.
Thirdborns face death.
And Census shadows them all.

Secondborn Roselle St. Sismode was pressed into military service to battle the rebel uprising threatening the society that enslaves her. Now, powerful factions conspire to subvert the lines of succession, positioning Roselle to replace her mother as leader of the Republic’s armed forces. But the woman who bore her would sooner see Roselle dead than let her usurp her firstborn brother’s command.

The deadly war of intrigue between her new masters and her ruthless family is but one conflict challenging Roselle. A soldier for the rebellion has drawn her into a rogue army’s plot to overthrow the Republic and shatter its brutal caste system. Targeted by assassins and torn between allies, Roselle’s loyalty, love, and honor will be tested in the greatest battle of—and for—her life.


Review of Secondborn (Secondborn #1)

I enjoyed this book so much more than the first one! I still felt like it had some major flaws but overall it was much more enjoyable than the first book. If you are like me, and you had serious doubts after reading Secondborn, I advise you to give this one a try. It’s so much better.

I need to be honest and adres the things that still weren’t okay for me. I’m going to try and be brief and afterwards I’m going to focus on all the things that I thought were good!
Things I hoped the second book would have, that I didn’t get (or not as much as I hoped for):
– An explanation as to why secondborns are hated. I’m still guessing as to why everyone is putting so much effort in having all those rules that often aren’t very practical when no one seems to know why? Isn’t anyone in that world curious?
– Agent Crow, Roselle’s mother, why do you hate the world? I don’t really like characters that are just bad without a background story or some inkling of feeling in them. I would like to know what drives these people. You can’t just be born with such strong feelings?
– Romances that were a bit more believable (everyone still kept falling in love with Roselle the moment they lay eyes upon her). I wasn’t a fan of Hawthorn in the first book and I’m still not a fan of him now. I just kept cringing every time they met. Overall the romance in this second book gets even more complicated (I really didn’t know that was possible). At one point something big happens in her love life (I’m staying vague to avoid spoiling!) and Roselle seems to have no opinion in the matter. My opinion of the romance in this book stays the same as it was in book 1, it would be such a better book if the romance wasn’t in it.
– More explanations on the technology and less random situations. At one point Roselle casually mentions that there are some firstborn women who are over 150 years old and use technology to look like they are 30 or even younger. Uuuuum, why isn’t this mentioned earlier? Why isn’t everyone using this technology? Why are all the leaders just getting older and not using this technology? Things like this make the book feel like it wasn’t put together with much care. You can’t just trow around random facts like this in one sentences and expect no one to question them. Another example, in the first book we get reminded all the time that she is used to a privileged life and that she doesn’t appreciate the secondborn food because she is used to eat in a palace. But, suddenly in this book, she doesn’t know what foie gras is. Who even believes that? The amount of little mistakes is much less than in the first book, but there are still too many for me to not get a bit annoyed by them from time to time.

Like I said before, I’m not going to hammer on everything that still isn’t good in the first book. If I would do that I shouldn’t have read this book in the first place. So the next part of this review is about everything that I did enjoy about this book.

Roselle is a much better character now. Okay, she stays little miss perfect, but she isn’t as unpredictable as in the first book. In the first book it felt like she did 180° jumps from damsel in distress to hardcore fighter to stubborn brad. In this book, she seems to be a more real person. She still is stubborn and doesn’t want anyone to help her and I still wouldn’t like her in real life. But, that’s okay! I’m not going to hate a book just because of a character and I wouldn’t be friends! So, definitely points for the better characters! The amount of perfectness is also a lot less. Only her fighting skills are still a bit too good to be true.

The only reason I read this book was because I wanted to give this author a second chance. I don’t believe that one bad book makes a bad writer and I’m so happy I read this book. The reason I didn’t give this book more than 3 stars is probably because a lot of the things I didn’t like in the first book still lingered in this one. It would have been impossible to get rid of all those things, I know that. But, it still stops me from giving it more stars.

This book was actually a joy to read, after the ending I actually really want to know how the story continues!


After her brother died and she finally got to be a firstborn, I was really exited. Finally she could just walk around without a male escort! I was getting a bit tired of all the males that were deciding were she needed to stay.

I’m really curious how this story continuous!

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