Book Review: Disturbed – Jennifer Jaynes

Title: Disturbed
Author: Jennifer Jaynes
Publisher: Thomas & Mercer
Publication date: November 7th 2017
Genre: Mystery


On Halloween night five years ago, Chelsea Dutton’s college roommates were viciously stabbed to death, and Chelsea was critically injured. She was found hiding in her apartment’s bathtub, barely clinging to life.

With only fragments of shattered memory, she’s been trying her best to move past the nightmares ever since. Now in Boston, she lives a somewhat reclusive life, working from home as a medical transcriptionist and bingeing on mindless television shows.

She can’t shake the fear that her attacker is out there, waiting to finish what he started, and Elizabeth, a nurse she met after the murders, is the only person she can trust.

When someone from her past reemerges, Chelsea starts receiving disturbing messages and worries that her every move is being watched. As the messages mount and her memories begin to return, she’s led to a very terrifying and lonely place. But she needn’t be afraid. She won’t be alone there for long.


3.5 stars for completely messing with my mind at the end! Overall this book is a solid 3 star book for me, but the ending was so entirely unexpected that I’m going to give it 3.5 stars.

This book is a very short read, it has less than 250 pages and you just fly trough the pages. But because it’s so short, sometimes the story feels a little bit rushed and details get lost. For example, Chelsea hasn’t been drinking alcohol for the last 5 years (since the murders) because she is afraid to loose control. When she goes on a date she suddenly decides to start drinking alcohol again, without thinking twice about it. It just a small example and it obviously isn’t the most important thing in the book, but it’s just a bit weird and similar things occur a few times.

This book only was a real thriller in the first and the last few chapters of the book. The other 90% was a decent mystery, but not a thriller. I would have liked more action and suspense in the rest of the book. But like I said in the beginning of the review, the ending completely messes with your head. I had a few scenarios in my head for the ending, but I wasn’t even close to the real solution.

The characters were well written. Chelsea and detective lang were my favourite characters, there backgrounds were detailed and they weren’t your standard victim and police officer. Which made the book a pleasure to read.

Definitely read this book if you are a fan of mysteries. But don’t expect it to put you at the edge of your seat the whole time.

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