Book Review: Karina’s Silver Shoes – Denise Marques Leitao


Title: Karina's Silver Shoes
Author: Denise Marques Leitao
Publisher: Sparkly Wave
Publication date: September 18th 2017 
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

This book was such a surprise! I expected this book to be just like 90% of all other YA novels that came out this year but it was absolutely not!

I have to admit that it took me a couple of pages to get adjusted to the writing style. In the beginning it looked really bad. It seemed like Karina was just too stupid to ever have a decent conversation with. But after a while I started to apricate the humour.

In the beginning it was like reading a book narrated by a funnier version of the hulk. 14 year old Karina was just soooo sassy and blunt and she definitely did get 100% on her social skills test. But it worked, it really worked! But after a while that just stopped. It stopped being funny, and got way more serious without changing the way Karina formulated her thoughts.

This is definitely not your average YA adventure story, so be prepared (or in any case, more prepared than I was!) But I feel like it could have gone a little bit further with the parody style. Sometimes I was wondering if the writer meant it to be funny or not. It left me a bit confused at the least.
At times it got way to complicated. Because it’s a sort of parody, I think it was supposed to be that way. Everyone was constantly switching sides, and you never were sure of who you could trust.

I’m also disappointed that we didn’t learn more about this other dimension and the magic and technology. When questions are asked about how certain things work, the only answer that is given is that they don’t know it themselves or have no time to answer it. That is such a shame, because it would have been really interesting to read a bit more about that. It could have made the book a bit more interesting.


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