Book Review: The November Girl – Lydia Kang

Title: The November Girl
Author: Lydia Kang
publisher: Entangled Publishing
Publication date: November 7th 2017
Genre: Fantasy


I am Anda, and the lake is my mother. I am the November storms that terrify sailors and sink ships. With their deaths, I keep my little island on Lake Superior alive.

Hector has come here to hide from his family until he turns eighteen. Isle Royale is shut down for the winter, and there’s no one here but me. And now him.

Hector is running from the violence in his life, but violence runs through my veins. I should send him away, to keep him safe. But I’m half human, too, and Hector makes me want to listen to my foolish, half-human heart. And if I do, I can’t protect him from the storms coming for us.


This book perfectly sums up everything I love about magical realism. It’s a really eery story and sometimes it gets a bit creepy, but it’s never horror so don’t expect that.

Anda is the daughter of the lake, and she isn’t used to being around other people than her dad. The writer makes this clear in very clever ways. The way Anda thinks about the most normal things is both funny and absurd, but I loved everything about her.

Hector is a runaway with a heavy background story. You get to know him more throughout the book, and the farther you get the more everything starts to make sense. He has a very morbid sense of humour and I liked that a lot about him. He never takes himself seriously. At times I felt really bad for him. He was such an interesting character, everything about him was special.

The combination of two very abstract characters made this a very interesting read. Although there are only two characters for the biggest part of this book, you actually never notice that and they make for such a cute pair!

It’s hard to say if this book is a slow or a fast paced book, because the pace varies a lot. At times it went quite slowly but at sometimes, like the ending, there was quite some action going on! And, we need to talk about that ending!! The ending was so so so beautifully executed. It read like a real thriller and easily had me on the edge of my seat. I. Just. Had. To. Know. How. It. Would. End!!!


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