Top Ten Tuesday: The Most Beautiful Covers of Spring & Summer 2018!

IT’S TUESDAY AGAIN! And that means it’s time for a new Top Ten Tuesday!I love love love love doing these so much! This week’s topic is just so vain (and I love it!). I’m so guilty of reading books just because they have nice covers. I almost never read books that have ugly covers. Oops!

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018. This week’s topic actually was; “Books With My Favourite Colour On the Cover (or In the Title)”. I do have a favourite color (it’s pink if you were curious), but I just didn’t feel the topic. I decided to alter it slightly and I changed it to; “The Most Beautiful Covers of Spring & Summer 2018!”.

1. The Forest Queen (mechanica #0.5) – Betsy Cornwell

This cover is definitely the winner for me of this week. I actually chocked myself by not choosing a pink cover as the winner ?. The beautiful forest green with the even more beautiful white drawings and the amazing font for the title are just such a winner for me ?. If this cover was wallpaper I would decorate every room in my house with it. I never heard of this series before, but I really want to read this series now!

2. Heartless Marissa Meyer

I have seen this book everywhere for the last months but weirdly I never checked it out before now. I tricked myself into believing this was a sequel in a series I hadn’t yet read the first book(s) of. I just noticed now that it’s actually just a stand alone and that I can read it! So, now this one is definitely added to my tbr! I really love both covers. I think I love the white version just a tiny bit better. They are both really simplistic and just overall really beautiful and creepy.

3. Toil & Trouble: 15 Tales of Women & Witchcraft – Tess Sharpe & Jessica Spotswood

I really love the purple cover  of this book! It’s a really nice deep purple and the combination with the witchy line drawings is stunning! I haven’t read this book yet, but I think this is a really good cover for this book!


4. Traitor Born (Secondborn #2) – Amy A. Bartol


I read this book earlier this year. I have to admit that I absolutely wasn’t a fan of the first book. I still decided to give this author another chance and although I don’t think I will ever be a mega fan of this series, I did like it A LOT more than the first book. BUT WE AREN’T HERE FOR THAT. I really like this cover because of the pretty colours. But, it’s also deliciously dramatic. The thorns and the rose on fire are everything. The quote ” A Rebel is Forged” just makes it a perfect cover.

5. My So-Called Bollywood life  – Nisha Sharma

This one is a really unique and different and overall completely beautiful cover! the pretty colors and the beautiful girl are a really good combination. It’s not too simple but also not too complex. This cover does what every cover should do, it makes me very happy!

6. Smoke in the Sun (Flame in the Mist #2) – Renee Ahdieh

I actually haven’t even read the first book in this series, but the cover makes me so excited! maybe I should read the first book, just so I can read this gorgeous book ?. The dragons, the flowers, the brooding and mysterious girl! It’s amazing! A book with fiery dragons on the cover has to be a good book, right?

7. Fawkes – Nadine Brandes

I’m currently reading this book, and I honestly don’t know if I like it just yet… (I’ll definitely keep you posted on that!!). The cover is an instant love though! So gorgeous! It looks old fashioned and still is modern and pretty. I think it fits perfectly with this book. That’s always a good thing. A cover that really doesn’t fit the story, it doesn’t matter how beautiful, is always a bit of a miss…

8. These Rebel Waves (Stream Raiders #1) – Sara Raasch

This cover is a little bit generic. It’s not really something we haven’t seen a hundred times already. But, somehow I really like it, it’s dark and it just looks really promising. A cover that just pulls me in and really makes we want to read a book is always a good cover!

9. The Way You Make Me Feel – Maureen Goo


It’s probably the pink that made me choose this cover for this list. the girl is pretty, but the combination with the pink is just soooo gorgeous! It makes me all happy inside ?

10. Baby Teeth – Zoje Stage

I saw this cover so many times! I really wanted to read this book the moment I saw this cover. It’s not my genre and I’m not going to read it because I don’t think it’s my cup of tea ( or should I say: flavour of lollipop?). I still think the cover is really nice and looks really promising!

Top Ten Tuesday is finished again! Which covers do you think are really beautiful? Let me know!


I have some really excited news! ?

I just started a society6 store! It looked like such a fun thing to do and everything on there is so so so beautiful and I just wanted to give it a shot!
At the moment there isn’t much on there yet, I have exams coming and boring stuff like that. But, in July and August I will be posting a lot of things on there! I’ll keep you posted! ?


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