Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten New-To-Me Authors I Read In 2017

2017 has been the year I started reading so much more books than the years before. My reading changed so much this year. Before I tended to only read very very very famous books like The Da Vinci Code or Memoirs of a Geisha. This year I started reading all sorts of books and because of that I read books by authors that I should’ve read years ago! This makes this list a very easy one to do and I’m going to try and keep the most obvious authors (like Sarah J. Maas, Leigh Bardugo..) out of this list and focus on other authors.

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish and this week’s theme is: Top Ten New-To-Me Authors I Read In 2017.

So let’s get started!

1. James Bowen

Book’s read by James Bowen in 2017

A very good friend of me recommended this author to me. At first I was a bit sceptical, the title sounds more like a book for my 2 year old niece than something that would interest me. I’m so glad I did pick it up because I enjoyed it so much. A Street Cat Named Bob is a non-fiction autobiography and I really love a good memoir. I liked his books so much because he is completely honest about the way he lived, his drug addiction… but it’s all written in such an adorable way that it just radiates good vibes. His books really make me happy. I even saved A Gift from Bob so I could read this book while being in a Christmas mood, it did not disappoint!

2. Emma Scott

Book’s read by Emma Scott in 2017

I found The Butterfly Project on NetGalley and it looked very promising. Her books are a guilty pleasure for me, I save them for times when I’m completely stressed out or in great need of a vacation. She writes romance books and she does it so well. At times her books can be a bit too good to be true, but it really doesn’t bother me that much. She also is the only author that could make me sob this year. I’m not talking about some minor tears or wet eyes, I’m talking about full blown cry eyes and wet pillows. I finished Full Tilt on a Sunday morning and I had to stay in bed for 10 minutes longer because I looked like my cat just died. Full Tilt is called The Fault in our Stars for adults for a reason!

3. Ilona Andrews

Book’s read by Ilona Andrews in 2017

Ilona Andrews must have the worst of luck with cover designers. When I first saw Burn For Me on Goodreads I thought it would have more awkward sex scenes than all the books of the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy combined. But(!!), Burn for Me doesn’t have one single sex scene and only 3 kissing scenes!! Who in they’re right mind designs a cover like that, and puts on a title like that when it has no sex scenes???
Apart from that, I started reading this because someone else made the same comment as I did above. the Hidden Legacy trilogy is actually such a good series and I honestly think they miss out on a lot of possible readers with those covers. It’s definitely appropriate for every 16 year old (or even younger), but can you imagine the look on your parents face if you come home with a book like that? Exactly.

4. Lydia Kang

Book’s read by Lydia Kang in 2017

Another author I found on Netgalley. I loved her book so much and I wanted everyone to love it as well, but do you know that feeling when you love a book and you seem to be the only one? I hate that feeling and I thought this was going to be one of those books. I was so happy when I saw all those positive reviews and I was even more happy when I found out she made the “Best Book of the Month” list on Goodreads.

5. Mackenzi Lee

Book’s read by Mackenzi Lee in 2017

At one point in 2017 I was ready to sue The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue for stalking. I don’t think I ever saw a book cross my Goodreads feed THAT many times! For a long time I wasn’t really attracted to it. The combination of such a loooong title and a cover that could mean anything, I just didn’t feel it. After months of me seeing this book appear everywhere, everyday. I changed my mind and the curiosity took over and I loved this book! The romance is absolutely everything.

The only regret that I have know is that I love this book and want to talk about it so much, but every time I talk about it I need to write down that impossibly long title! #BookLoverProblems

6. Molly Ringle

Book’s read by Molly Ringle in 2017

The third and last author in this list that I discovered on Netgalley. The Goblins of Bellwater really drew my attention with that GORGEOUS cover. I think she’s an author that deserves much more fame and attention than she has at the moment.

I was planning on reading more of her books in 2017. But suddenly it’s already 2018 and so many other books stole my attention! Molly Ringle, I’m coming for you in 2018!

7. Laini Taylor

Book’s read by Laini Taylor in 2017

It was impossible not to put Laini taylor on my list. She’s my favourite author of the moment and every one of her books I’ve read so far has been nothing short of perfect. I’m currently reading Dreams of gods and Monsters, the last book in the Daughters of Smoke and Bone series and I really don’t want it to end.

8. Naomi Novik

Book’s read by Naomi Novik in 2017

Another author that I planned on reading much more books of in 2017. I found her by looking trough someones favourites shelf on Goodreads. At that time, I had some bad luck in the reading department and read a couple of bad books in a row, I desperately needed something I could be sure of that I would love it and that’s my number one way of finding books to read next.
I started the Temeraire series, but I really wasn’t in the mood at that point and since then I haven’t found the right time to read this one.

9. B.A. Paris

Book’s read by B.A. Paris in 2017

I finished Behind closed doors on January 2nd (thank you Goodreads for remembering that for me), so B.A. Paris gets a place in this list! After reading Behind Closed Doors I was hooked! I needed more mystery books! So, I started reading many mystery books and actually not really enjoying a single one of them. They weren’t all bad, just never good. In October I finally (I’m a bit slow) realised that I simply wasn’t a fan of mystery books, I’m only a fan of B.A. Paris’s books and it’s more of a coincidence that she writes mystery books. B.A. Paris made me believe that I enjoy mystery books for 10 months. She tricked me! That’s actually kind of an amazing thing to do and I love her even more for it.

10. Katherine Arden

Book’s read by Katherine Arden in 2017

Last but not least we have Katherine Arden. Her writing style is very different from every other book I read this year. She writes in a very disconnected way (I’m not making any sense I know, but that’s just the way I feel). The way she writes gives her books a more authentic feel. YA books about medieval Russia aren’t something I see everyday and so this author is a welcome change in a long list of very similar YA books.

Thank you so much for reading until the end of my post!
QUESTION: Have you read any of the authors I mentioned?


  • I’ve debated on reading The Bear and the Nightingale. I love the covers with the kitty. I have an orange kitty myself, named Nala. ❀️

  • Great postπŸ‘I’ve read Behind Closed Doors and thought it was brilliant!

  • I couldn’t agree more about Ilona Andrews book covers! Lol. It totally does a disservice. I think the first three in the series were through Avon maybe? I hear they will release more on their own. I bet those covers will be better. If you like fantasy, try their Innkeeper series, it’s awesome!

    • ThePrintedGirl

      I hope you’re right about the covers! 😁
      I definitely will give that series a chance!
      Happy reading! 😊

  • Ooh I need to read The Break Down! I loved Behind Closed Doors!

    • ThePrintedGirl

      She has a new book that comes out in 2018! Can’t wait to read that one too! 😁
      Happy reading! 😊

  • I am a bit intrigued with The Bear and the Nightingale. Hmmm…might as well add that to my reading list this year. 😁

  • A good list. I have only read books by Laini Taylor. Some of them look really good though.

  • Mackenzi Lee is definitely on my list of ‘must read in 2018’ authors; but you’re right in thinking the Ilona Andrews covers are off-putting – I’d never even read the back to find out what they’re about with cover art like that! I loved the first half of Novik’s Temeraire books, but the last few put me off her work – while I’ve got a copy of Uprooted I haven’t got round to reading it. I do have a soft spot for Laini Taylor though πŸ™‚

    • ThePrintedGirl

      Laini Taylor is soooo good. 😁
      And I really hope you’ll like Mackenzie Lee’s books, I loved them!
      I truly hope Ilona Andrews makes the resolution to do better on the covers in 2018! Such great books and such ugly covers! Shame!
      Happy reading! 😊

  • Lillian @ Mom With a Reading Problem

    Love Laini Taylor! Her Daughter of Smoke and Bone series is one of my favorites πŸ™‚ I didn’t really care for Goblins of Bellwater. I had a hard time following the story, but it may have just been my mood when reading. I’ll have to give it another try.

    My TTT:

    • ThePrintedGirl

      We can’t all love every book! I’m still reading the third book in Daughter of Smoke and Bone and I think it’s amazing. But Strange the Dreamer is just completely brilliant! 😍😍
      Can’t wait for the second book to come out.
      Happy reading! 😊

  • I recently finished The Bear and The Nightingale and I absolutely loved it! I can’t wait to read the girl in the tower! The Gentleman’s guide to vice and Virtue was totally fun! I enjoyed the story and the characters. I haven’t read any of Ilona Andrews books yet but I’m planning to binge read her Inn Keeper Chronicles this year.
    Happy New year and Happy reading! πŸ™‚

    • ThePrintedGirl

      The girl in the tower is really different from the first book, but also very good 😊
      I should start reading the Inn Keeper Chronicles too!
      Happy reading! 😊

  • Nice list! I’ll definitely be looking some of these up. Here is our Top Ten Tuesday.

    • ThePrintedGirl

      Great! I’ll hope you’ll like them! 😊
      I can’t see your link to your TTT, maybe you can send it again?
      Happy reading! 😊

  • It really is hard to put down a Laini Taylor book! I need to get Cake and Puppets actually, Mik and Zuzana are so much love!

  • Ah, I loved B.A. Paris and Laini Taylor before this year, but they are absolutely fantastic authors! I can’t wait for Paris’s third book, Bring Me Back to come out this year! πŸ˜„ I still need to read Gentleman’s Guide, and I’m hoping to get to it this year! I’ve heard nothing but good things about it!

    • ThePrintedGirl

      I’m just going to follow the flow because I can’t say a bad thing about the Gentleman’s Guide either! I hope you’ll like it too! πŸ˜€
      Happy reading! 😊

  • I really need to get to Ilona Andrews. I have to be honest and say that the covers of those really put me off in previous years to give her a go but I’ve heard so many good things. And yeay Mackenzi Lee. I can’t wait to read more by her.

  • Great list! What did you think of Laini Taylor’s books? Am still trying to make my way through Strange the Dreamer.

  • I love it when I find a new author I love, especially when they have a huge back list. Ilona Andrews is an author I just started reading in 2016, and I can’t wait to devour everything they write!

    Thanks for sharing.

    • ThePrintedGirl

      I’m so happy when I found out that ilona Andrews has that many books! The more the better! 😊

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