It’s tuesday, and that means it’t time for another TOP TEN TUESDAY!! I just love doing these so much! It’s always my favourite day of the week!

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018. This week’s theme is: “Popular Books that Lived Up to the Hype”. I’m just going to follow the program this week and behave like a proper book blogger should. Strangely, lately I tent to agree with the hypes! It’s strange because in the past I often really really really didn’t love the books with the biggest hypes (Caraval being one of the best examples for that).

I love this topic because this means I get to fan girl over my favourite books of the last few months (read year (probably)). I’ve been a very good girl and I tried to keep this list a bit more interesting and I didn’t include a single Sarah J. Maas or Laini Taylor book! (Otherwise this entire list would just be filled with books by these two authors).

1. To Kill a Kingdom – Alexandra Christo

To Kill a Kingdom is a fantastic magical YA fantasy novel with the most amazing world. I love retellings and I love main characters that aren’t a typical hero (the YA books with those perfect and bad ass girls are getting boring pretty fast…). This book had both the mean and the magical and so it obviously made it to my favourites list for this year. For real, that prince, I have found my newest book boyfriend!

2. A Thousand Perfect Notes – C.G. Drews

Seeing how big Cait’s blog is, it is no wonder the hype surrounding this book became so big. It’s probably the biggest hype over a debut novel since Caraval. I always get an itch when I just have super high expectations of a book that I just can’t seems to calm down. Because, the higher the expectations…, the bigger the disappointment when those expectations aren’t met. You probably get the idea, I WAS SCARED OF THIS ONE. But, in the end, I loved this book so much, it was such a cute short book that took me less than a day to finish. I’m even pretty sad that it was so small because I just want to read more of Cait’s novels!

3. Scythe (Arc of a Scythe #1) – Neal Shusterman

Honestly, I’m starting to get a panic attack from reliving all my fears that I had before starting all the books on this list. Hypes aren’t good for my heart! I can never figure out if it’s worth the pain of the possible overhyped book. I get some serious stress when deciding if I should read a book with a hype or not. With Scythe I was so afraid that I would hate the Sci-fi part of this book, because I’m so picky when it comes to science in YA books (me being an engineering student, has me scared for life). Luckily this book is not very sciency and is very vague when it comes to all the technical details. It’s such a great book and I can’t wait to get my hands on the third (and final?) book in this series.

4. The Cruel Prince (The Folk of the Air #1) – Holly Black

I remember I decided to not think to much about the possibility of this being a major disappointment. This book has one of my all time favourite tropes: fairy people, ruining EVERYTHING for everyone (even themselves). It’s pretty hard to ruin that kind of story for me and I just couldn’t think to much about how Wintersong kind of did disappoint me. It was so so so great, I especially loved that the human characters weren’t complete idiots but had some power themselves and happily ruined everything along with the fairy people. Up until know, my favourite book for 2018.

5. The Hate U Give – Angie Thomas

I read this book pretty late, at the beginning of 2018. My biggest reason for delaying this book was definitely my fear of not agreeing with the opinion that everyone else had. I don’t like lying about what I think of books, so at first I thought it was better that I just let this one slide. But, when the hype just refused to die down and the rating just stayed at an impressive 4.56 on Goodreads, I thought that there was a pretty minor chance that I wasn’t going to be impressed with this book. And, it turned out that everyone was so right, this book is so great and powerful and so important and I’m so happy I read it.

6. Eliza and her Monsters – Francesca Zappia

I would never have read this book if it wasn’t for that title! I don’t normally read this kind of books. I never read any book by John Green, I didn’t read Fangirl or Simon vs …. But, this title just stuck with me. Everytime I saw a post about this book or even just saw someone mention this book, I just felt so drawn to that title. I know it’s strange, but I just had to read this book. I also really loved the cover, it’s so pretty! I was so glad I read this, maybe the timing wasn’t so perfect because I read it during my exams and lost a whole day of studying to it, I even forgot to eat! I just started reading in the morning, and when I looked up the sun was gone! Oops…

7. Sky in the Deep – Adrienne Young

I actually read this book before it was a hype! That’s always a nice feeling ??. I got an ARC and I read it pretty quickly after I got it, I loved it and I really think it deserves the attention that it got afterwards. The story isn’t the most unique I ever read, but the setting is so cool that it makes the whole book so unique. Why aren’t there more Viking YA novels out there? I really didn’t know this was something I needed!

8. Sadie – Courtney Summers

The fun thing about this one is that it isn’t even out yet and the hype is already so enormous. Another fun fact.. I actually haven’t finished it yet, I’m halfway through it but I love it so much that it already has earned a place on this list. I’m not a mystery kind of girl but I think this is a book that almost every kind of YA lover can love.

9. The Hazel Wood (The Hazel Wood #1) – Melissa Albert

I can’t believe the amount of mixed reviews I’ve read about this book. It was a hype that definitely not everyone agreed with, strangely I did! I think I loved this book because I get so easily scared and this book probably wasn’t that scary for a lot of people but it really creeped me out at some points and that made me love the story so much more. It was a bit dark but it also had a great background story set in the “real world”. Some people said it was too slow, but I liked the pace of this book just fine.

10. Daughter of the Pirate King (Daughter of the Pirate King #1) – Tricia Levenseller

I already mentioned that I’m a big fan of main characters that aren’t the typical heroes. Pirate girls fit that category perfectly. They are also becoming a bigger and bigger hype in YA (which I don’t mind). I loved how fast this story went, I finished this in less than 24 hours and I really liked it. Sadly, I didn’t enjoy the second book in this series as much as the first one, but we can’t have everything I guess!


That was this week’s TTT! I had so much fun with this topic and I hope you liked my pics for this week!


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