Top Ten Tuesdays: Ten Characters Who Would Make Great Leaders

There is a leader in everyone of us! We’re not all born to be world leaders, I for example will never get farther than being the leader of my stuffed animal army. But, I would be a leader none the less! There are so many different characters in books! Characters we love (I’m looking at you Hermoine and Feyre), characters we hate (Umbrigde and Joffrey Forever!). But they’re all so different! So this week we will take ten different kinds of leaders and choose the perfect character for that role!

Top Ten Tuesdays is an original feature/weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish! This weeks theme is Ten Characters Who Would Make Great Leaders. I hope you will enjoy my top ten!


1. Feyre Archeron (from A Court of Thorns and Roses – Sarah J. Maas) as leader of the world

Of course there has to be one character to rule them all. I think Feyre fits this role perfectly. She lived the first 2 decades of her life as a normal girl. Her father was wealthy but he wasn’t a leader, so she didn’t have a real leader figure to learn the trade from or look up to. Then, she climbed up the whole ladder of leadership all the way from bottom to top in almost no time, in a country where no one had ever heard of her!* That girl has some crazy leadership talent in her bones! She is the fiercest, most bad ass ruler I’ve encountered in a book for the last couple of years and I would not mind her to rule/rock my world.

*Okay, I have to admit that this scenario is close to impossible in our society, but it’s still pretty awesome! *Girl Power!*

2. Lazlo Strange  (from Strange the Dreamer – Laini Taylor) as leader of your favourite book club

He had some fierce competition, Hermoine Granger would also have been perfect here, if she would have been allowed her bedroom would probably have been inside the library . But for my personal book club I would LOVE to have Lazlo Strange as the “leader”. The boy who’s got his nose broken by a fairy tale is a dream to pick the next month’s book. I’m sure we would read the most fascinating fairy tales and legends ever! And the fact that he works/worked in a library also comes in handy!

3. Aedion Ashryver (from Throne of Glass – Sarah J. Maas) as lead singer of a boy band

Great looks and an enormous collection of one liners, sounds like the perfect lead singer to me! He isn’t afraid to steal the show and all the lady’s would scream so loud when he enters the stage. In this world One Direction would loose every fan to his band and the magazines would love his party attitude. Now, I only need to figure out the perfect name for this band..  and of course the other band members! Any ideas are welcome in the comments!

4. Nesta Archeron (from A Court of Thorns and Roses – Sarah J. Maas) as the leader of the Plastics

We all know the plastics from the movie Mean Girls and I know Nesta isn’t always a complete b*tch, like Regina George. But if you think about the end of the Mean Girls movie I think she fits perfectly.* Money, clothes and her reputation are everything to Nesta in the first book! She gets called out a lot during the rest of the story and ends up much more easy going and relaxed. But she will never be docile! I think it’s a perfect fit.


* I have to admit that it’s ages ago that I last watched this movie! This calls for a sleepover!

5. Weylyn Grey (from Beasts of Extraordinary Circumstance –  Ruth Emmie Lang) as the leader of a cult

Weylyn Grey isn’t like anyone you ever met; he’s raised by wolves and a lot of strange and mysterious things tend to happen when he’s around. He already made people believe that his pig has special powers, the pig can even change the weather. So it isn’t a big step towards starting a cult around that pig! I think he wouldn’t even have to try because loads of fanatics would be knocking on his door and probably declaring him to be the next messiah.

6. Voldemort (from Harry Potter) as the leader of your nightmares

I know I’m supposed to not judge people on their appearance, but for this one time I’m going to make an exception, I hope you can forgive me ?. But Voldemort’s nose alone can be the subject of all my nightmares for the next year. If we would ask his opinion on the matter he would probably take the “Ruler of the World” spot in this Top Ten Tuesday, but no way in the world I’m not going to allow him that spot! 

7. Effie Trinket (from The Hunger Games) as the leader of the prom committee

Can you imagine how mind blowing your prom would have been (or would be if you haven’t had one yet) if Effie would have been there to organise it? It would have been unforgettable!* She looooves parties and dressing up and making sure everyone is on time and at the right spot. She could organise the whole party by herself, and still do it better than the rest of the committee together. I hope she would lend me one of her dresses and wigs. It would be a complete extravaganza.

* Do you remember those pills the rich people in the capitol used when they had eaten too much so they could vomit and keep on eating? She has to leave those at home! They were truly disgusting!

8. Diana (from Wonder Woman) as the leader of your sports team

If she isn’t #goals than I don’t know who will be able to motivate me to finally get in shape! She might be a bit of unfair competition but I’m sure she’s a better role model than those perfect creatures you look at everyday on your Instagram!* She’s such a fierce woman and always encouraging others or just being friendly in general. I’m sure the whole school would want to joins the sports team in no time.

* my Instagram is 90% books, so I actually don’t even know what I’m talking about! I’m such a nerd #NoShame #TooManyHashtags

9. Zuzana* (from Daughter of Smoke and Bone – Laini Taylor) as the leader of a fashion empire.

She has one big beautiful personality. Has so much fantasy! She makes puppets, so I assume she also makes their clothes. The step to human clothes isn’t so big. With all those monsters as her inspiration her clothing line would probably have some dark elements in it. But I would be her biggest fan (if the prices aren’t Louboutin/Versace/Louis Vuiton like).


*She actually really reminds me of Nim (from Wonder Woman: Warbringer – Leigh Bardugo) Maybe they’re just the same person! I’m also pretty sure they would get along very well, maybe they could rule their empire together!


10. Hagrid (from Harry Potter) as the leader of the animal rescue force

If Hagrid had lived in this normal boring world. He would definitely have been a leader of some sort of animal rescue group. I know he isn’t a real leader figure. But his motivation and enthusiasm would be enough to convince a lot of people to join the cause. I’m sure Luna Lovegood would be the first one to participate.



We’re already at the end of this weeks Top Ten Tuesdays! Let me know if you would have picked a different character for a role or if you think of some other leader roles for characters!

See you next week!




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