Spring 2018 Wrap-Up and One Sentence Reviews!

Let’s Get Personal For A Moment

I know, I know… I have been completely neglecting my blog lately!! Long story short, I’m in my last year of becoming an engineer and had to finish my dissertation and of course I had a lot of bad luck and it was kind of a mess, but I made the deadline (I’m so relieved that date is finally in the past), thank God.

Look at that! So many pages of torture! After that came a lot of exams, and because of my bad dissertation luck I sadly had yet to start studying for all of that. It was a mess, but they are OVER. Hopefully I can graduate in September and then I’m officially an engineer, you guys! 

I’m probably never going to do an engineering job because at the end of September I start with classes to become a teacher! I’m so looking forward to it!

I really really really missed the blog, but you have to believe me that I just had zero time left and I just had to take this break. I never really wanted to put a message out that I was taking a break from blogging, because every other blog I ever read that put a message like that on their blog, never returned. I really love doing this and I love reviewing books and I have so many blog ideas and I CAN’T WAIT TO START AGAIN.


One Sentence Reviews!

Here, you can find all the One Sentence reviews for the first three months of this year!

Enough of my complaining, about school, life and not having time! I did read some books and I can’t wait to do some one sentence reviews about them! I do still have to write reviews for most of them, I have so many unfinished review drafts ?.

I read a lot of great and fantastic books the last few months! Because I was so busy I just didn’t want to risk reading something I wasn’t going to like, so I mostly picked books that had gotten great reviews by reviewers I trust.


Olympian Challenger (Olympian Challenger #1) – Astrid Arditi: An amazing book that felt a bit like the more mature version of Percy Jackson, although the romance can just leave. (Review)

Educated – Tara Westover: This amazing book should be a mandatory read for everyone who takes education in Europe or the US for granted. (Review)

The Sea of Monsters (Percy Jackson and the Olympians 2) -Rick Riordan: I really should have read these books as a child, they are so perfect!

How To Write A Love Story – Katy Cannon: Reading a book about writing a book messed with my head quite a bit, but it was such a cute story!

The Plastic Magician (The Paper Magician #4) – Charlie N. Holmberg: This book is seriously so much better than the original trilogy!

The Novice (Summoner #1) – Taran Matharu:  I liked the first 80% after that some not so good things happened.

The Cruel Prince (The Folk of the Air #1): Such an amazing book, I love all the backstabbing so much, you’ll never see that ending coming!

Eldest (The Inheritance Cycle #2) – Christopher Paolini: I’ve read this series so many times, they will never get boring for me.

Scythe (Arc of a Scythe #1) – Neal Shusterman: My first Shusterman book ever and I was completely SOLD, so great!

Daughter of the Siren Queen (Daughter of the Pirate Lord #2) – Tricia Levenseller: I loved the first one better, it was a bit too monotone. (I’m adding this useless extra sentence because the name of this book is longer than my review and I wasn’t going to let that happen!)

A Court of Frost and Starlight (A court of Thorns and Roses #3.5) – Sarah J. Maas: This book really served its purpose, it was the great ending to the original trilogy that we didn’t get at the end of A Court of Wings and Ruin.

Our Dark Duet (Monsters of Verity #2) – Victoria Schwab: Damn, I really remember liking this book a lot, but I already forgot what happened… Woops!

The Hazel Wood (The Hazel Wood #1) – Melissa Albert: This book has many mixed reviews, but I really liked it, I would love to learn more about many of the other characters.

Thunder Head (Arc of a Scythe #2) – Neal Shusterman: That ending KILLED me, can’t wait for the next one!

The Belles (The Belles #1) – Dhonielle Clayton: I liked this one, but I felt like the story still has to take of for real.

To Kill A Kingdom – Alexandra Christo: The world building in this one was amazing and seldom seen, so great, I still hope this isn’t going to be a stand alone after all!

A Thousand Perfect Notes – C.G. Drews: I loved this book so much, I finished it in no time, THANK YOU CAIT!

One Fell Sweep (Innkeeper Chronicles #3) – Ilona Andrews: Howly moly, this book was sooo great, that ending transported this book right on to my all time favourites shelf!

Iron and Magic (The Iron Covenant #1) – Ilona Andrews: I’m so boring when I talk about Ilona Andrews, because I just love them all!

That was it for my spring one sentence reviews! I hope you liked it!!!
Next week I’ll be doing a list of my favourite books out of the first six months of this year!


Tell me what you think!